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This album was written and recorded in May of 2017. Each song is named after one of my pets. Special thanks to Kayla, Shane, Connor, Micky, Nick, and everyone else who had to hear this album a million times until I got it right.


released June 30, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Superdestroyer at Bdrm records.



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Superdestroyer Columbus, Ohio

whoever, whatever

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Track Name: Shaggy//Cereal Spiller
Come on now, nothing really changes. Growing up is learning how to fake it. Trees turn red, another season passes. Fuck nostalgia and its rosie lenses. And I lost my mind balancing on fences, and I lost my mind waiting for you to come to your senses. Shelter, I'm always looking for but never seem to find cuz you always know where I'm hiding, but we built something here and that's pretty rare. Ritualistic wasting away, I'm just mumbling into space. And I recognize the way I waste my time, because nothing lasts forever, so let's stop making sense til we cease to exist because it's all just a frame of mind.
Track Name: Fred//Spooky Space Kook
I pass your old house on my walk home, empty and grey it reminds me of smoke filled rooms, and the friends we lost, and those sleepless nights spent in coffee cups. So I hope that the weather holds just long enough for me to grab my coat, cuz you always said that I had no sense and I'd lose my head if it weren't attached. You're always searching for something that we can't recreate. Indiana's got us feeling pretty shitty inside, maybe Ohio would be better so let's go for a drive.
Track Name: Scooby//Strawberry Technicolor Phantom
All these Midwest states seem to look the same and these lonely plains start to get to me. Time to mind erase, cuz my brain is trapped in this body case and I'm hooked on a feeling. What a stupid thing. So I left the party early on, just to make sure that you'd have fun, cuz unlike you i just don't have one good god damn bone on my body. I'm always fucked up by some bullshit.