by Superdestroyer

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Written and Recorded in August of 2017


releases August 21, 2017

Written and Recorded by Superdestroyer



all rights reserved


Superdestroyer Columbus, Ohio

whoever, whatever

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Track Name: Wet Hot American Bummer
Bury me under the shed just in case I rise again, and we can pretend like we aren't each other's only friends. But maybe that's ok, Quality not Quantity. Are we family cuz we choose to love or do we love because we're family? Do you know what I'd do for you?
Track Name: 80's Thrash//90's Trash
I'm just 90's trash, you don't have to tell me. I'm just 90's trash, me and all my friends. I'm just 90's trash, my mother didn't want me. I'm just 90's trash you don't have to say it. I'm just 90's trash, you don't have to tell me. I'm just 90's trash, me and all my friends.
Track Name: I Think I Can Help Get You Out of This Jam
So I sit around waiting for a friend to call, I'm bored to death, I think I feel my brain leaking out my ears. I'm sitting in a chair playing my guitar trying to distract myself from crushing loneliness that comes with being an adult for the first time in your life. And you realize that while you're sitting home alone all your friends have jobs, and you're a fucking bum. I'm just a fucking bum.

And I recognize that I'm not always wanted, and I realize that sometimes it is warranted cuz I'm the king of bringing people down and I hear you whisper when you don't think I'm around. So I left the party early the other night just to make sure that you had a good time. And I know that it's pathetic, dumb, and overly romantic but I think that shit is better when I'm not around.

Yeah it's alright, yeah it's ok, I don't need anything, anything. I sit by myself a lot anyways, yeah it's alright yeah it's ok, I don't need anything, anything, I sit by myself on most days.
Track Name: Shane (2011)
I lay my head in the grass tonight. I think everything will be alright. I'm just living in the moment. We're just living on a prayer. Dear moon, please never leave us, day comes then they can see us. We're just living with the high beams on, before you know it summer's gone. And everything we wanted is in front of us.